Smart Ways To Save

Jul 05

Saving money is more important than ever during these tough economic times. The cost of housing and even food has gone up, which is why more and more families are living paycheck to paycheck. Many people can’t even survive on their paycheck, which is why it’s good to know how to cut corners and spend less on everyday items. You can’t stop buying food, but you can shop differently so it’s cheaper without sacrificing quality. The trick is knowing what to spend on and what to cut back on. Here are some money saving tips to help you get the most for your dollar.

Watch For Hidden Costs

I know you’ve heard it before but the best way to stretch a dollar is to spend it only when you have to. People spend on things that are completely unnecessary because their convenient and appear to be a bargain. For example, sending clothes out to be washed is a huge waste of money. Yes, it’s nice to not have to wash and fold, but it’s expensive. They put up signs saying ten cents a pound to make you think it’s cheap, but over time it adds up. Either do the clothes yourself or invest in a washing machine if you are allowed to have one where you live. You can get a quality machine for under $500, which is a lot less than what you pay a year at the Laundromat. Plus, it’s even more convenient because you don’t have to go anywhere to get your clothes clean. Bonus: you don’t even need a dryer, you can hang your clothes and save even more.

Forget About Name Brands

Having a designer name across your butt may look good, but it’s not going to feel so good if you have to eat canned soup for a month to pay for them. When it comes to clothes, unless it’s for your teenage kids, you don’t need to have everything you own be name brand. For women especially, as long as an outfit looks good and fits well no one will notice where you got it from. Store brands, like Target or Old Navy, have some great pieces at great prices. Shopping in these stores means you can buy five shirts instead of one designer one. Plus, often times the more expensive pieces are not made any better than the less expensive ones. If you have to have a designer name, buy one signature piece, like a jacket and keep everything else simple. You will be amazed at how much extra money you have by the end of the year.

Decide What You Need Versus What You Want

You may want to have every cable channel, but do you really need the full package-especially if it’s costing you $50 more? Step back and evaluate your monthly bills and see where you are spending necessarily. Do you pay for unlimited internet on your phone but never use it? Consider switching to a lower data package then. It’s good to have service if you need it, otherwise why pay extra? Do you have every cable channel but only watch two of them? Downgrade your package for big savings. Cable companies are notorious for their high prices, so if you don’t watch it you don’t need it. The same goes for other household expenses like ordering out. Treat yourself every once in a while, but don’t make it a habit. If you do order out and the place is nearby pick it up to avoid delivery charges. These might sound like little savings but they will accumulate throughout the year and you will see a difference.

Buy Smart

Don’t buy something just because it’s on sale. This is a big mistake many of us make: we see something that is 50% off and think it’s too good a deal to pass up. You may think it’s foolish not to buy it, but that fact is it’s foolish to buy something just because it costs less. Unless it is something your house needs, like a new computer because yours just died, wait until you have extra spending money. You may not realize it but a lot of stores have “sales” that aren’t sales at all. They will raise their prices a few weeks before, then drop it for the “sale”, so in reality you aren’t getting a discount at all. If a price seems too good to be true it’s because it probably is. If you’re going to buy an item on sale, make sure it’s really worth it.
Saving money can be a struggle, but if you’re smart eventually it will get easier and you will have more money for the things you and your family really need. More importantly, saving now means living the good life later. You are taking steps to provide for you and your loved ones for years to come. No one wants to work during their later years in life. They’re called the golden years because they are meant to be enjoyed. Save now, spend later.


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Stay-at-Home Mom to Save Money

Jun 19

Being a stay at home mom, for a long time, has been taken as a waste of time and money. Most people are of the opinion that instead of staying at home, a mom should be out there looking for money to help pay the bills. Others think that by being a stay at home mom, a lot of time is wasted instead of being channeled to something useful. In my opinion, both ways of thinking are wrong. Absolutely wrong! Every woman who chooses to be a stay at home mom does it for the sake of her children. They time she spends raising her child is not a waste of time; it is an investment in the child’s life. In terms of money, being a stay at home mom helps you save money, not waste it. Wonder how?


Eliminate daycare expenses!

Instead of taking your child to the day care every single day as you go off to work, you get to spend time with your child as you take care of him or her. Since you don’t go to work and take care of your kid, there is no need for you to take him or her to the day care. Neither do you have to hire a nanny. Apart from cutting the daycare expenses, you get to teach your kid the basics of life, watch him or her grows and be there during every stage of their childhood. In addition, your kid gets to enjoy full adult attention as opposed to the daycare. There, the helps are put in charge of many other kids and it may be hard to give them full attention.

Less Cleaning and Dry Cleaning Costs

When you leave for work every day, early in the morning and come back late in the evening, you have no time to do your cleaning. Because of this, you will find it necessary to hire a house help to do these chores for you. If not so, you will have to take your clothes to the dry cleaners and call for cleaning services once in a while. On the other hand, if you are a stay at home mom, you will have plenty of time to do the cleaning yourself. As a result, there will be no need to hire a house help. Besides, you will be able to clean your house thoroughly using your preferred method of cleaning. You get the chance to look at your house every single day and be satisfied knowing that it is the work of your hands.

Opportunity to Earn the Unconventional Way

The most annoying thing about going to work is being bossed around. The very thought of answering to someone who only cares about profit and getting work done is kind of annoying. When you are a working mom, you have no choice but to work for someone, make them profit and carry out their orders. If you escape this, you get to be the one who gives the orders only you will have more responsibilities on your shoulders. Being a stay at home mom gives you a chance to make money in an unconventional way. In most cases, you always are your own boss. You work at your tome of convenience, it gives you time to do house chores and look after your kid. In addition to all this, these jobs pay well.

Working is Expensive

It costs money to make money. When you go back to work you will need a number of things, from clothing to travel money on a daily basis. Depending on where you work you may need a whole new business wardrobe or a complete set of uniforms. You won’t have to go shopping every week, but the initial trip can cost hundreds and you will have to maintain and update it every so often. Then there is the money you will need to get back and forth every day. Public transportation is getting more and more expensive and can take a big chunk out of your budget. If you can’t use public transportation and have to drive there is the added cost of gas every week. You may even need to park in a garage, which will get real costly really quick. Finally there is the daily cost of food and drinks. Even if you bring lunch you will still end up buying waters or juices, not to mention snacks if you get hungry late in the day. All this can add up to big spending and little saving.
Most people think that being a stay at home mom is boring and a waste of time. The fact is, being a stay at home mom is the best thing a mom can be as long as she has small kids. Besides raising your kids, you get to save lots of money and even make some.


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Think Like A Woman: Spend Less and Save More

Jun 19

Women, particularly stay-at-home moms, get a bad rap for being irresponsible when it comes to money. They are portrayed on television and in the movies as being obsessed with shoes, bags and any other little trinket they can get their hands on, without a care for where the money is coming from to pay for it. TV has exacerbated that image and seared it into our brains to the point that women themselves have fallen for this gross characterization. In reality though it is women who are the more frugal, practical spenders. Here’s why women don’t spend as much as you think they do.

Women Don’t Have Time For Spending Sprees

Contrary to popular opinion, stay-at-home-moms do not have hours to spend in the mall looking for the perfect pair of Louboutins or to get a massage and facial. They are called stay-at-home-moms for a reason: they have children to take care of. For anyone who has kids you know that kids require 24 hour monitoring, especially if they’re under the age of 8. So as great as it may sound to spend a day at a spa it’s just not realistic. There are chores to do, noses to wipe and meals to make.

Women Know How Much Things Cost

Women are programmed to be fair, which helps when it comes to money. Women are usually the ones who go shopping for household items like paper towels, cleaning solutions and other every day must-haves. So they know how much something should cost and when they’re getting a good deal and won’t overpay. Men will buy blindly, not realizing a $10 box of cereal is beyond absurd, where as a woman will make her own cereal before paying that much when she knows she can get it for less. Since they are the primary shoppers they understand that certain “sales’ aren’t sales at all and are savvy enough to go elsewhere to get what they need at the right price.

Women Actually Spend Less Than Men

A 2010 study by the National Retail Association finds that women spend 19% less than men. This includes the big holiday period at Christmas as well, where it turns out that men spend 3% more than women. Plus, they have less to work with to begin with. Yet, the myth of big spenders continues. Even worse, men also tend to buy higher priced items than women, according to the National Retail Association, thus adding to the spending difference.


Women Use Coupons and Discounts More Than Men

A survey done by the Harris Institute for CouponCabin shows that 44% of women use coupons whereas only 38% of men do on a regular basis. The same data shows women are likely to take on average 40% longer to consider a purchase than do men, and this time is more likely taken up with price comparisons.

Women Put Their Families First

Most moms will walk around in sweatpants with holes in them if it means their husband and kids can have the very best. Moms are hard-wired to sacrifice for their families so when they do shop it is rarely for themselves. They are conditioned to put others needs before their own, so instead of looking for the perfect dress or jewelry shopping they will save every last dime to get their daughter the doll house she wants or get her husband tickets to the game. The last thing they are thinking about is going on a shopping spree for themselves.

Women Are More Practical

Men have a reputation for being business-minded and practical, but that description is better suited to women. They have an innate knack for budgeting and sticking with it. They can be very analytical and will bargain shop and haggle to stretch a dollar. They know that sending clothes out to be cleaned when there is a washer and dryer in the house will save time, but not money. Men though, will only see that it is one less thing for them to do. Men do not have that same tendency: they usually rely on their wives to set a budget and the idea of haggling is a foreign concept for most of them.

Women Can Control Their Impulses

This is probably the biggest misconception when it comes to women and spending. People believe women are ruled by emotions and will buy what they want when they want no matter the consequences. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Men are the real impulse buyers; they are visual creatures and if they see something they want they will but it without thinking it through. That’s why when men go to the supermarket they come home with more things that weren’t on the list than women. Women can step back and say, “I don’t need that”. Men just think, “ I want that”.
As you can see the idea that women are extravagant spenders is grossly misconstrued. Women are actually the ones to keep the household running smoothly and efficiently without going into debt. Men and women can both go a little crazy at times, but on an everyday basis it is women who spend smart and save for a rainy day.


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How to Monetize Your Blog Without Spending A fortune

Mar 19

If you want to start blogging, then at least you must have in mind what topics you want to talk about. The best thing is that with a creative mind, strategy, and solid dynamic view of your goals, the sky is the limit. There are innumerable topics that you can go for, but try to blog on things that you have some knowledge about. In other words, nothing is better than doing something you love to do-and doing it to help others achieve their goals.

Blogging is an art that is perfected over time, and as years go by you will ultimately achieve what you have never imagined. While some people might start blogging as a hobby, they are others that start blogging with an objective of getting some money as time goes by. It does not matter whether you are doing it for fun or business, at a particular point in time you will need to monetize it-which is not a bad idea at all.

There are a number of ways that you can monetize your blog and earn some money-maybe, thousands of dollars. To begin with, you can provide a lot of useful information to readers and ask them to pay for premium information. You can request for lifetime membership, or go for periodic payments like monthly payments. In this way, you will be glad to earn a few dollars for your efforts. In other words, this is what is membership programs.

There are additional ways that you can earn money from your blogging activities irrespective of the niche you write on. You can create informational products and sell them to your readers. Do not sell very price, even if your blog has become so popular. Additionally, you can start your coaching activities and charge an affordable fee. No sooner than you know it, word will spread that you offer reliable coaching activities.

It is also recommended that you start engaging in affiliate programs that are related to your topic of interest. In this way, you will be able to earn some money, without necessarily spending huge sums from your pocket. The direct Ad sales is a good method and so is banner advertisement. With this kind of approach, you will not worry about paying your bills anymore.

There is nothing better than getting paid to do what you really like most and doing it in the correct way. You can start earning money from your blog by getting paid to review other sites and products. You get paid to craft these reviews based on clients needs, and with one good job done other will start to flow your way. In this business, you need to connect with people at all time, in all manner of ways.

If you are thinking of a reliable telephone system to to communicate with your fans and clients-or even employees who manage your blog. You are advised to go for a reliable hosted pbx solution provider like the company I use, Broadconnect Telecom, who will understand your unique needs and offer the best of solutions. At the end of the day, how you connect with your audience matters a lot when it comes to marketing your blog.

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Another Way To Save Time and Money:  Knife Care

Mar 13

Knives are a fascinating kitchen tool.  We rarely give them much thought as long as they can do what we need them to do.  From cutting stale bread to slicing through fruit, knives serve a number of different purposes.  As much as we use knives, have you ever thought about their upkeep?

If you sharpen your knives, you save time and money.  Knife upkeep dramatically improves the life of your knives.  It helps to keep your knives sharp, which saves you a small amount of time every time you use it.  Lets talk about how you can keep better care of your knives while saving time for what truly matters in your life.

As you can no doubt agree, free time is a luxury at best and a figment of the imagination at worst.  So, what time we do have between taking care of kids and ourselves should be wisely invested.  Through upkeep, we can keep costs around the house down.  With a little bit of TLC early on, larger expenses that require time and attention can be mitigated or even gotten rid of.  The trick is finding what is worth dealing with beforehand and what you can leave for later.

Knife sharpening is something most people do not think about.  However, by purchasing a cheap knife sharpener (like this one), you can keep your knives is good condition.


An inexpensive knife sharpener is sturdy and will last you a long time.  Consider the cost of the knife sharpener compared to the cost of replacing knives as well as the time it takes to sharpen.  When you assign a price tag to everything, it comes out that sharpening knives will save you money in the long run.  It will allow you to hold onto finely crafted knives and keep them in a condition that makes everything else in your life easier.  What is not to love about that?

In addition, if you purchase a manual knife sharpener, then you are saving money that would ordinarily go into powering an electric model.  Consider also the initial purchasing cost of an electrical model.  While electric knife sharpeners might save you a little time, the higher cost and electric use make them a poor choice for those looking to save money.  In the end, what you choose will depend on what your current needs and restraints are.


As we began this segment with time, lets end with how valuable time is.  Time is everything.  The less time we have to spend doing things we do not like, the more time we can spend on what truly matters in life.  While spending time to make a memorable meal is one thing, spending too much time trying to cut something is another.  By keeping your knives in good condition, you eliminate the time you would otherwise spend trying to cut something.  While this might be 10 seconds here or there, it quickly adds up and surpasses the amount of time you have to spend sharpening.

So take a moment and consider a knife sharpener. You can find more info on various models at KnifeSharpenerHQ.

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Habits to Develop to Effectively Make More Money

Mar 09

Money does not grow on trees. It is something that you need to work hard for. But hard work is not enough. You need to develop certain habits that will lead you to make money more effectively and efficiently. That way you will be on your way to financial freedom.

Perseverance Is The Key

In everything, perseverance will always get you ahead, be this at work and even the way you handle your money. When creating goals for financial freedom, it is essential that you aim for the stars or something more than your actual goal. That way if you are not able to reach the stars, you will at least reach the moon or just around your actual goal. Always do more than what is expected of you. So you are looking at earning a million dollars in a year’s time, go around with the mindset that you will need to work to earn at least 1.5 million dollars for the year.

Take Your Own Initiative

In order to reach your financial goals, you must have your own initiative. It is not possible to wait for your millions to come in. You will not reach anything with this mindset. If you want to earn a lot, you have to be ready to work hard. Aside from putting aside money for savings, it would be good to learn the ropes on how you can properly invest your money. Look into learning about stocks, Gold IRA rollovers and properties.

Practice Frugality

Make it a habit to practice the habit of delaying your gratification. When you get extra money, do not just spend it all in one go. Make sure that you are frugal when it comes to your expenses. Lead a simple life and do not spend on lavish things. You can spend on yourself from time to time, especially if you have worked really hard. But do not make it a habit to spend on yourself on a regular basis. Instead put aside money for investment purposes. After all, you can spend on yourself at another time once you have secured your safety net.

Be Fully Committed to Saving

Saving takes a lot of discipline. But if you are careful to follow all your goals, you will definitely be able to secure a large amount of money that can be put aside for a rainy day. Always remember that it is easy to make plans and goals. The difficulty lies in sticking to them and actually following them. But once you choose the path to financial soundness, then make sure that you stick to your resolve and start saving properly.
There is no shortcut to having a lot of money saved up. It will take a lot of sacrifice and perseverance on your end. But once you have decided on this, you need to go in with the mindset that this is something you want to do for the better.

Think about it and own it. That way you will work hard towards that particular goal.

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E-cigarettes Will Help You Save Money

Mar 05

You have to switch to e-cigarettes now and save money, without sacrificing your smoking habits.

There are tons of advantages when you shift from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes. To begin with, e-cigs are a lot healthier. They don’t contain harmful chemicals. They only have some basic chemical contents that are not as toxic as traditional cigarette. Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol are two of the most common ingredients in e-cigs and they are not harmful. They also don’t smell bad. Some e-cigs may contain nicotine, which gives “kick” or added flavor to the traditional cigarettes. However, they are not essential. E-cigs can work well even without nicotine. You also have tons of flavors to choose from. Therefore, you won’t have a problem with the taste or finding that kick that is lost in the absence of nicotine.

Save yourself and the environment

You already know that e-cigs don’t contain a lot of harmful chemicals. This means that you avoid spreading air pollution. In fact, you don’t technically smoke when using e-cigs as they don’t release smoke, but water vapor only. This provides tons of health benefits. You reduce the risk of lung cancer and all other diseases that you could potentially have because of smoking. You also don’t get stressed out if you wish to stop traditional cigarettes. Studies have revealed that those who stop smoking immediately suffer from depression. If you wish to let go of traditional cigarettes without having a hard time, then this is the best possible choice.

Save money

The best part in using these cigarettes is that you save a lot of money. You just have to buy the e juice, which serves as the base of the e-cigarettes. You can even check out the best e juice from this site. Since it is difficult to obtain e juice from local stores, you can just buy e juice online at

The good thing here is that e juice is very cheap. You have to pay less than $10 a bottle on average and it can be used for some time. E-cigs are also assembled as a package with a battery on the end. This means that once the battery is out, you can just recharge it and you can use it again. This is unlike traditional cigarettes, which will make you pay each time you smoke as it cannot be used again. You can save a lot of money every month depending on your consumption. You can also buy e juice bottles in bulk and save even more money. You will just realize how much you are saving later on once you have shifted to e-cigs.

High quality choices

You just have to remember that there are a lot of companies out there selling e-cigs. Thus, you have to be careful before making your order. You also need to see to it that you are dealing with the right company. Check the delivery as well. It must not be too expensive or else you won’t get a great deal at all. If you try the best e-cigs, then you will surely forget about traditional cigarettes.

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Buying Fitness Shoes on a Budget

Mar 05

A number of my friends and family enjoy working out and keeping fit. I often get asked for advice when it comes to buying cheap workout shoes. Here is my advice for buying fitness shoes on a budget.

Weightlifting Shoes and New Models

My son and his friends weight train and I always try to help them find good quality, but cheap, lifting shoes. Last month I noticed a pair of New Balance MX20v3 on sale. The original price was $165, reduced down to $59.95. This is a huge savings of over $100, but why?

Two months ago New Balance released the MX20v4 and I presume at some point it will stop manufacturing the V3, simply because most people now want to own the new V4. Now that the V4 is available, retailers now need to sell off the V3, hence the reduced price.

The good news for anyone on a budget is you can now own a pair of MX20V3’s for a third of the price and remember — these are still brand-new shoes, they are just an older model.

Cross Training Shoes and Brands Competing

In the shoe industry the big brands are very competitive. In fact, if you monitor a range of sports you will notice some brands completely dominate particular events, occasions and even the entire sport itself.

A good example of this is CrossFit. The CrossFit Games and products are dominated by the brand Reebok. Reebok sponsors the Games and a lot of the top athletes. As a result, Reebok is easily the biggest-selling brand associated with the entire sport.

Reebok’s biggest money-making product is the Reebok CrossFit Nano shoe, now in its fourth edition. Last month Nike decided to enter the CrossFit market with its own shoe, called the Nike Metcon 1.

More competition means better deals for the consumer. Nike’s shoe is priced at $120 — that’s $40 cheaper than Reebok’s Nano. Reebok fired back two weeks later with a combination sale for customers to buy a pair of Nanos and Lifters for a total price of $175, including delivery.

This is only the first month the two companies have been battling for market share. Reebok is due to release the Nano 5 in the summertime. I can imagine a price war in the not too distant future.

Long Distance Running Shoes and Buying Online

A good friend of mine loves to run marathons and is often competing in cross-country events. It’s important that she can try on the shoes before buying. Her biggest complaint is she isn’t able to “try before you buy” when it comes to online shopping.

I thought about this problem and devised a solution that anyone can copy. All online retailers offer a 14-day return — some even longer. So with this in mind all you need to do is order five or six pairs of shoes (preferably from the same store), try them all on and send back the ones you don’t want.

To make this process quicker you can also opt for speed delivery (sometimes free with Amazon Prime) and have the entire process completed in three days, flat.

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How to Have a Stable Career in Archery

Mar 05

When you want to be a professional archer, you have to undergo certain steps to succeed.

It takes a lot to be a professional archer. However, once you have started a career in this industry, it can be very rewarding. There are a lot of people who try out archery just for fun and relaxation. It can make people feel good about achieving something such as hitting a target. Thus, there are a lot of people who go for archery as a form of pastime, but not so many people think of it as a stable career. There is no question about this since only a few people succeed as professional archers. You have to go through a lot in order to become one. You also need to undergo lots of sacrifices. However, the point is it can be done. If you persevere, you can succeed as an archer.

Enroll in archery programs

At a very young age, you need to start practicing for archery. You need to spend time practicing. Most of all you need to enroll in an archery program to enhance your skills. If you are a beginner, then you will learn the basics. However, if you have experience before, then you will be given more advanced tricks. There are a lot of schools that can offer you the best programs possible. You just need to check if they have positive reviews or if other people think highly of them. If you have found a trusted institution, then you can start studying archery.

Invest on equipment

Another key is to look for the best place where you can buy your equipment. Take note that the success or failure of an archer depends on the type of equipment he uses and how he uses them. If you have good equipment, then you will most likely perform better. Start searching for the best crossbow now. If you want to read more crossbow reviews, you can go here. You can also get recommendations from experts in regards to the best compound bow by checking this out. When you get the best equipment with you, archery now becomes even more exciting.

Look for scholarships

The scary thing about creating a career in archery is that there is only a very limited chance of succeeding. Thus, if you wish to look for other options just in case you can’t succeed as an archer, then enroll in an actual university. However, for you to still enjoy archery, try to look for scholarships. There are institutions that provide scholarships for those who have special skills. The athletics department of the university can screen you and judge if you are worthy of the scholarship depending on your skills.

Stay positive

To top everything off, you need to stay positive and focused. The road to success is never easy. You will encounter more problems along the way. However, if you remain positive, then you will most likely achieve your goals. You should also not get tired of honing your skills. The best part is that being an archer means you can do what you have always loved doing, and still make money out of it.

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Encourage Your Child to Work Part Time and Save More Money

Mar 04

Your child can now get a degree even if you don’t have enough money by working part time.

Not everyone in this world is born with a silver spoon in the mouth. There are those who live within their means. If you are among these people, then you have to make the most out of what you have. This might be sad, but this is the reality that you have to face. Therefore, you cannot promise a perfect life for your kids. However, this does not mean you will just stay where you are forever. You can do something to ensure that you and your kids will have a better future. This is by making sure they graduate and get a degree.

Paying for studies is not easy

Studying these days can be very expensive. This is why a lot of students are drowned in students’ loans. If you don’t want your children to suffer from the said problem, then encourage them to work hard. They can manage their time between studies and work. You can recommend them to work part time so they can pay off some of their expenses. Instead of dropping out of school, they can work and continue their study. This is not something to be ashamed of. In fact, a lot of students are doing it. As long as they work for a decent job, then there is nothing to be embarrassed about.

Working at a fast food chain

One of the best ways to earn money these days is to work at a fast food chain. There are a lot of job that they can work on a part time basis. After their class or in between classes, they can work for the restaurant and be paid hourly.

Subway, for instance, has provided help to several students who wish to work part time. They don’t just employ these students, but they also provide training. With the help of this training, students learn not just how to work for the restaurant, but other important life lessons. When they enroll for the said program, they are assured of providing quality service to the customers. The training is not just made for fun. It is a serious program with an actual module being followed. As soon as they finish the course, they can provide the best services possible.

Start now

If your child wants to finish his studies, he needs to make a move now. If he has no time to undergo the actual training, he can check out Subway University online training at In doing so, he can learn at home or at school. Once he has completed the program, he can now work for Subway. The skills learned during the program can also be used when applying for other jobs in the future. Thus, this decision will ensure a bright future for your child.

If your child thinks that working for a full degree that lasts for at least 3 years is difficult, then he can enroll in short courses. There are short courses that provide a stable job and a good pay. For instance, he can be a paralegal. You can check out more information regarding a nurse paralegal salary and opportunities here. Hopefully, your child can make the right choice.

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Tips to Save Money when Buying New Faucets

Mar 04

Buying new faucets might seem easy. However, when you start checking out the options, it can be very confusing. If you need one for your kitchen and another for your bathroom, then you might also spend a lot. Thus, if you wish to bring home the best kitchen and bathroom faucets possible, without necessarily blowing up your budget, then you just have to follow a few tips in this article.

Check the water supply line

You have to understand that not all types of faucets are compatible with a specific water supply line. Thus, it is important to ensure that you choose compatible faucets only. Otherwise, you would have to buy another faucet and this cost a lot. You can also ask someone to check the lines for you and recommend the best faucet option.

Determine most suitable faucet for your kitchen theme

Just because you wanted to save money does not mean you have to look for the simplest looking faucet. Of course, you also have to consider the best faucet to match your theme. For contemporary kitchens, there are tons of choices available. You can in fact go for customized faucets. However, this might be a bit expensive. Again, when choosing a faucet that matches your theme, make sure that it is good enough, but you don’t have to splurge.

Read reviews and recommendations

It might be easy to find a local shop that sells faucets. However, you might have other options that will give you the same faucet, or even better, but at a much lower price. If you can’t do it, then other people can help you out. You just need to read some reviews and recommendations. If you wish to get the best kitchen faucet reviews, you can go here. On the other hand, if you are searching for the best bathroom faucets, go to Don’t forget to read a lot of reviews and don’t make decisions just because you have read one negative or positive review about a specific model.

Go online

If you have limited options in the area, then it is not a problem. You can check out some options online. In fact, you might be surprised to see that a lot of these online products are cheaper. Though you have to pay more for the delivery fee, it could still be worth it. If the online shop has a local branch, then you can just pick the product from their outlet and not pay the delivery fee anymore. Just be careful or else you will be fooled by online scammers. You will know it if they offer unbelievably low prices and they seem to not have a reliable website to begin with.

Check the warranty

This is important so if the faucet is not functional, you can have it replaced or your money will be reimbursed. You might also get service warranty. This means that you don’t have to pay for repair and other issues.

Once you have followed these tips, you will get an affordable faucet, but of high quality.

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Save Time and Money with Electric Rice Cooker

Feb 27

Electric rice cookers are basically pots without or with protected surfaces, which are intended for cooking rice (and other types of food) while keeping continuous temperature of cooking (more details can be found here). In addition to cooking functions, most of the cookers have keep-warm or preprogramed settings to keep the food warm until the entire meal is ready to serve.

What are the advantages of using Electric Rice Cookers?

  • As a mom you always want to have things in your house that can save your money and time. Cooking usually takes a lot of time, especially when it comes to cooking rice. It is quite a long process to properly cook rice. Using an electric rice cooker can cut your cooking time significantly while also allowing you to do other things at the same time.
  • Performance is one of the reasons why most of moms prefer to use electric rice cookers. The results are frequently better than cooking on a stovetop, which can partially be explained by the differences in stove’s host spots distribution (ie not all parts of stovetop are equally hot) and the need to continuously stir the cooking rice. Good electric rice cookers don’t have these problems and cook rice perfectly all the time.
  • Ease of use and convenience are additional factors favoring electric rice cookers. When cooking with a stove you are required to monitor rice at all times, to make sure that water doesn’t boil too much or spills out. When you use an electric rice cooker you don’t need to stay at it and keep an eye on it during the entire time of cooking – it takes care of rice on its own! The cookers with keep-warm settings add yet another convenience level.
  • Another advantage of using an electric rice cooker is that it uses less energy than an electric stove, so you actually save money every time you cook with it. Contemporary cooker models can also cook soup or other foods, besides rice, so you end up saving even more on the electricity bill.
  • Comfort is another advantage of rice cookers. With the use of an electric rice cooker you reduce the amount of heat produced in the kitchen so you can keep it more comfortable in hot climates. It saves you time, while allowing for more enjoyable and efficient cooking.

Cooking always required you to spend a lot of time to achieve good results.  Not anymore. With electric rice cookers you can cook perfect rice every time without spending a lot of time on the process itself. The saved up time you can then use to focus on other elements of a meal and get even better results there – a sort of a domino effect of great cooking. And while you are achieving great time savings, you also end up saving money on electricity bills. Double win!

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How Juicing Can Help You Save Money

Feb 22

One thing that makes juicing very popular is that it is actually a money saving thing. Many people who juice actually have a bit more money available for them to do as they wish. Also, they are getting plenty of health benefits while they are at it. Naysayers can talk all they want, but juicing is an inexpensive way to add nutrition.

There are plenty of ways that juicing saves you money. It is also the simplest way of getting more nutrition in your diet. Among the ways that juicing saves you money are:

1. Many fruits are cheap.

2. Some of the tools for juicing are cheap

3. Juicing machines can save you money if well maintained

These are just some of the ways in which juicing saves you money.

Juicing vs Cartons

Another way that juicing saves you money is because it saves you the trouble of buying bottled juices. Bottled juices often go through a process that not only loses nutrients, but also increases costs. You are left paying a lot more money for nutrients you can get from half of the fruit. Even juice mixes are a waste of money. You can mix your own juices. You don’t have to look for cartons for your favorite blends of juices; you just have to buy the elements and mix the juices together. You’ll get the same great taste with even more nutrients included.

The Cost of Fruit

Depending on the supermarket, you can buy the fruits for your favorite blend for lower than a carton. Put the elements into the juicer, and you’ll get your favorite three-juice blend. Since most supermarkets charge by the pound, most fruit you get costs less than a dollar. If you go to a discount market, you’ll save even more money on fresh fruit for juicing.

The Cost of a Juicer

Juicers are sold starting at less than $100. If you want to review the best juicers on the market, please visit: The price you pay depends on the features that come with it. While it is good to pay little money for a juicer, you do get what you pay for. Instead, you want to find a juicer that will do the best job possible. If you try too hard to save money on a juicer, you might end up wasting money on juice. Find a great juicer, which can be achieved through research. See what consumers recommend and look at those products. You may spend a little more money initially; however, you’ll save money in the long run.


Juicing can save you plenty of money over time. You just have to be responsible in shopping, using and maintaining the juicer. Proper cleaning between uses is very important. Another thing you want to do in order to save money is to take advantage of sales. There are always sales in the produce section that could save you hundreds over time. There are also certain markets that sell produce for a very low price. This is where comparison shopping can work wonders, as you can find where the lowest prices are and take advantage. However, fruit must be checked for freshness.

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All on a Budget

Feb 19

With all of my experience as the mom, I could successfully manage a major corporation!  I am an excellent multi-tasker;  my organizational skills are fantastic; and, my ability to juggle a budget is hard to match.  My husband, who is a manager, wholeheartedly agrees.  He says when I get ready to go back to the workplace, I can certainly make a case for it on my resume.

I was an anesthetist, and after our third child, my husband and I decided it would be easier and more beneficial for me to stay at home with the kids while they were young.  It’s been great being able to watch them develop, and not missing out on all of the little things that we often don’t see when working long hours outside of the home.  Although going from a two-income household to a one-income household has been challenging.  We have had to watch our spending,  but it has been worth it, and we have even noticed that there were areas in which we were overspending.

What I really enjoy is being able to be involved in my children’s extracurricular activities.  My daughter is in dance, my son plays soccer, and my oldest son is into archery.  If you have children, you know there are all kinds of fees associated with their activities including uniforms and equipment.  But, my kids are learning so much about teamwork and other principles that will be instrumental in their lives.

At first I was concerned because my older son could not seem to find an activity that he was interested in.  We tried football, baseball, soccer, track – he just wasn’t feeling any of it.  My son is 9 and he is a huge fan of Robin Hood.  I think he likes the concept of taking from the rich to give to the poor.  Anyway, one day he said, “Mom, can I do that?”  I asked him what he was talking about.  He explained how he wanted to shoot a bow and arrow like Robin Hood.

I talked to my husband about it and we were ecstatic!  He finally found something he was interested in.  I looked into archery classes, and was delighted to find that there were a lot of resources, even summer programs and camps.  There was a fee for registration and for classes so I had to be sure to write that into the budget.  I also needed to find him a good bow.  Even though he was just a beginner, he needed a quality bow.

My first thought was that a bow and some arrows really shouldn’t cost too much, but I was mistaken.  You can tell I know nothing about the sport.  After visiting some local archery shops, I found that bows could be quite expensive.  A friend suggested that I do some research online which is what I did and was pleasantly surprised.  There were many options for beginner bows and they were reasonably priced within my budget.

So now instead of watching my son lounge around telling me he is bored and not interested in this or that, I am now smiling and proud as I watch him compete in his first tournament!

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Easy Tips On How To Save Money On Your Home

Feb 16

For most of us, our house is the biggest expenditure we have. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a proud home owner or a renter – your house will be expensive. You have your mortgage or rent payment that need to be made every single month, and on top of that you have your utility bills and general expenses such as furniture and appliances. If that’s not enough to burn a hole through your pockets you also have necessary repair and maintenance of the property. All these unavoidable costs can luckily be reduced,  and this articles will give you some quick tips on how to save money on your house.

  • Many people avoid making repairs. I do too! But research has shown that making repairs quickly can save you money in the long term. So stop procrastinating and take action on all those repairs you’ve been putting off. If you’re handy, do them yourself. If you can’t tell the difference between a hammer and a screwdriver like me, then get multiple quotes from handyman in your local area to find the cheapest one. Always compare multiple quotes before hiring a handyman.
  • Heating and air-conditioning is the major expense in my household. Statistics show that in 86% of households, heating is the biggest home-related expense. So this is where you need to focus on when trying to look for ways to save money. A quick way to reduce your electricity bill is to make sure you close all doors and windows when the heating or air-conditioning is running. A quick calculation shows that just by closing your closet doors alone, you’ll save approximately $50 a year. It’s really that easy!
  • Another easy way to save some money is by ensuring your home insurance payment is not unnecessarily high. For example, by taking some simple steps, you could reduce your insurance premium by up to 40%. The quickest way to do this is to upgrade some basic security. I slashed my premium significantly by upgrading the locks on the front door. I used a licensed locksmith in Anaheim Ca to install new locks and buy a small safe for my valuables. You can get an online locksmith quote from to see how much it would cost you to upgrade your home security.
  • While we’re on the topic of home insurance, I have found that most people overpay significantly on their insurance payments. While the above is a great tip to save some money, the fastest way is to actually compare some new home insurance quotes and change insurance company if you find a cheaper deal.
  • Most electricity providers will offer discounts when using electricity outside of periods of peak demand. Call your electricity provider and ask them about cheaper tariffs. It might be possible to save between $20 and $30 a month if you run you’re dishwasher and washing machine outside these peak times.

These are just some of the many tips you can implement today to start saving money. Remember, these cost savings won’t actually diminish the quality of your life – you’re not losing out, you’re just being smarter. If you like these tips, let me know and I’ll add a bunch more in another article. At my house, we’re always looking for ways to save some money!

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